Coconut IPA (4 Pack of 16oz Cans)

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Name: Coconut IPA

ABV: 6.5%

Style: West Coast IPA with Toasted Coconut

Description: An easy-drinking West Coast IPA, with a balance of citrusy and piney hops countered with a rich, nutty toasted coconut taste that cools the palate. 

Purchase Requirements

  • Must be 21+ years old to purchase
  • Must be able to pickup your order at the brewery in Miramar between 12pm-8pm (8920 Kenamar Dr #210 San Diego, CA 92120)
  • Must show valid ID

Terms and Conditions

  • These will be available for pick up for a 1-week period.
  • There will be not refunds, exchanges or returns issued. All sales are final.


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Coconut IPA (4 Pack of 16oz Cans)

Coconut IPA (4 Pack of 16oz Cans)

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