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A Deep And Introspective Autobiography Of Brewing In The Shadows Of A Craft Beer Renaissance, And Assorted Weiner Jokes

Not Another San Diego Brewery!

Yep, we chose to jump in the deep end and open up here in the craft beer mecca where foam is just as plentiful on the top of a pints as the sea foam from waves crashing on our sunny beaches. We love it here and being part of the rich San Diego brewing community. We regularly do collaborations with other breweries, so keep a lookout for what we have on tap. If you're looking for the pre-history of Duck Foot, check out the bios on Matt & Brett on our "Meet the Quacks" page.

What sets us apart

If one word was to describe us, it would have to be random. That word encompasses our brewing style, our humor and our design style. We love all things absurd and funny, and you'll get a sense of that if you see our beer names and cans. There's a whole lot of pride our brewing team takes in making all different styles of beers too. We're kinda like an artisanal-beer-loving punk rock version of the Three Stooges.

Gluten, Go Duck Yourself!

100% of our beers are gluten reduced. With our founder and Head Quack, Matt Delvecchio, having celiac - it's a must for him to enjoy all our beers. To learn about the gluten reduction process, our independent lab tests and more - check out our Gluten, Go Duck Yourself page. We're proud to say this process comes at no cost to the flavor of our beer, which are judged as equals to other amazing craft beers...

You like us, you really really like us!

We've earned ourselves some awards of the years that we're really proud of. From local competitions to the Great American Beer Festival - we've raked in a tidy treasure trove of medals. Though in the end, we've found the real treasure is the friends we made along the way.

What's The Meaning Of The Duck Foot Name?

It's a snowboarding term. If you are riding with your toes angled away from each other, then you can switch to your right or left foot while going down the slopes. It's a deft way of maneuvering, but also makes you look kinda silly - like you're in a Duck Foot stance. We thought that summed us up pretty well. We're making some awesome beers and flexing our brewing know how, all while looking silly to others - which doesn't bother us in the least. Cheers