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Brewing is an art form. Perfected over thousands of years and more recently really perfected in Southern California. San Diego being one of the largest hubs of craft beer in all of the United States is one of the most competitive landscapes to make and drink craft beer. So why did we dare open in such a location. Well the answer is simple. We love our community. They are passionate and driven to experience the best beer out there. We believe we have what it take to make that experience possible and we strive not to disappoint.

It all starts with good Sourcing. If you want to make great beer you need to use great ingredients. We look for organic, vegan, and sustainably grown partners. We do not use GMO’s in any of our beers. We partner with local farmers and bee keepers and make an effort to recycle and produce in a sustainable fashion.


These things matter and we think the proof is in the product. Since our opening in 2015 we have received countless awards for our beers. We bring it up not to brag but more to highlight that by staying focused on the things that matter we strive to make and improve on all our brewing practices but the way we treat our community and our partners.

Gluten got you gassy? Run, gluten, run! Yeah, people are freaking out about gluten and we get it; it’s hard to digest. But we like beer! Give us beer! Duck Foot Brewing Company uses a natural enzyme to break down the proteins in gluten, making it digestible to most people who are sensitive to gluten; even those with Celiac disease, like our co-founder, Matt who has Celiac Disease.


Extensive — like lots and lots of — testing shows that this enzyme reduces the gluten content in beer to undetectable amounts (0-5 ppm) and the FDA considers a food gluten-free if it falls below 20 ppm, so drink away, friends. And note: this enzyme is flavorless and odorless, sp it doesn’t affect the way our beer tastes. Rather than sob in a soda, Matt rectified the situation; the Heavens opened and there was beer to be shared with ALL! Yay! We’re always interested in trying new things so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see us brew. We’re taking a stance for better beer to include all of those who wish to enjoy the delicious craft beer that San Diego has to offer!


And lastly we get a lot of questions about what the name Duck Foot means. It’s just a snowboarding thing. When you mount your bindings to your board you can choose the degree that your feet face. So a Duck Foot stance is more or less +15 degrees and -15 degrees. When you are buckled into your board it looks like you are riding like a duck would stand. Hence the term Duck Foot. Yes you can ride a duck foot stance regular or goofy foot. Do we ride Duck Foot these days. Unfortunately not cause our knees can’t handle it. BUT you young whipper snappers should. At the end of the day does it matter if you know what that means? Well we make beer and are damn proud of it. Our goal as a brewery is to serve our beers in the best mountain spots out there because there is nothing better then to have a delicious Duck Foot after a good ride in the mountains. Or a skate with your friends. Or a round of golf at Torrey. Or sitting by the pool. Or whenever you damn well feel like it.