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Mother Lover - Dry Irish Stout

Mother Lover

One fun aspect about releasing new beers is finding a fun name to go along with it. It's not always easy but it is rewarding especially when you can create a concept that has an underlying special meaning. Our recent release of our award winning Irish Stout "Mother Lover" is just one of those beers. It's got a truly unique story.

Mother Lover Can and Pint Glass


We have been brewing this beer since our beginning. We actually brewed this beer on our test pilot system in my garage back in Encinitas as early as 2014. It was the first beer Brandon Hernandez reviewed by us for the West Coaster Magazine and he gave us great reviews on it.



The story about why and how the name came about is fun and an example on how the creativity process at Duck Foot works. You see my wife Katie who has always been a Guinness fan growing up was pregnant with our first child Jack (The first child was technically Duck Foot but that’s for another story) And as everyone knows when you are incubating a baby you have to give up certain things like alcohol. Katie of course was missing a drink especially while her husband was making a lot of great beers in the garage below.


So knowing she was missing a beer I offered to bring her some Guinness into the hospital after she gave birth. I had remembered seeing Guinness advertisements about how by drinking Guinness you would help encourage lactation for mothers and their newborns. I am not sure how much truth there is in that but at the very least she could enjoy a beer after a job well done. And much to my surprise she replied "I don't want to drink a Guinness I want you to make me a stout" And with that the Duck Foot Irish Stout was born.


It didn't bear the name "Mother Lover" just yet. At that time it was just a Duck Foot Irish Stout. And it went on to a couple of beer contests and came back with some gold medals! I mean we thought it was a good beer and even Brandon Hernandez stated he thought this beer would put Duck Foot on the map but winning a medal for it really gave us some proof of concept. The only thing that was missing was a unique name so it had a little marketing flare. After much deliberation we felt naming it after why it was made was important. The name "Booby beer" was floated for a little however we weren't sure that had the mass appeal it needed so we opted for a name that simply stated what it was for and "Mother Lover" was born.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we have and when you do raise a toast to your mom because after all she deserves it.



Matt DelVecchio

Head Quack @ Duck Foot Brewing Company